The Ethics Consultant

OSCPA_Ethics_Logo_2017_v1Your CPA peer group is a great place to turn when you’re faced with an ethical dilemma – to walk through the facts and circumstances of a situation and sort out the pertinent questions. sbf111胜博发 may know in their gut what the right answer is, but need to speak with someone to reinforce that answer.

Some sbf111胜博发, however – particularly solo financial officers in business or sole practitioners – might lack a ready source for a peer consultation. Or, because of the sensitivity of the issue, they might prefer an anonymous resource.

That’s when the OSCPA’s Ethics Consultant can help. This free member benefit offers peace of mind by providing a select group of CPA volunteers to serve as a sounding board to help a member sort out sticky situations. The volunteers, all senior in experience in the profession, will be matched one-on-one with inquirers to meet via conference call. To preserve anonymity, no names will be shared.

While CPA volunteers are not attorneys and will not be able to provide legal advice, they can help members focus on the significant questions in real-world circumstances. Ethics consultants cannot predict what the Accountancy Board of Ohio or OSCPA Professional Ethics Committee would do, or, if someone is prosecuted what the outcome would be. However, they can help members identify issues for consideration.

Get matched with an Ethics Consultant

Call Laura Hay or Lisa Brown at 614.764.2727 to be matched up with an Ethics Consultant. If they are not available and you don’t want to leave a message, ask for the Member Service Center.