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Instructions for using the Tab Container template:
Note: there are 2 Sitefinity tabs on the right hand side of this page, "Content" and "Layout". Some template options/widgets will be found in the Content tab and others will be found in the Layout tab.
  1. Navigate to Content tab > Navigation dropdown and drag a ""Navigation widget" onto the page.
  2. Click Edit on the Navigation widget
  3. Choose the radio option for "Custom selection of pages" and click "Change"
  4. Choose the "External URLs" tab and then click "Add external URL".
    Note: All this is doing is creating the titles for the tabs. You only need to provide a Title you do not need to provide a URL, leave this blank.
  5. Navigate to Layout tab > Grid widgets and drag a "tab-container" onto the page directly below the Navigation widget.
  6. Drag and drop any content you would like into each of the tab-container tabs where it says "Tab x content here:"